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Female Fact[her]

The Female Fact[her]: is the direct influence women have on our society, our economy, and our political landscape. These fact[hers] make up the DNA of Texas women.

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Professional Influence

73% of women control their household spending. 55% of American working women earn half or more of their household income.

Working Moms

Many times, women are working and raising a family at the same time. This responsibility can prove to be one of the most challenging experiences a woman faces. Needless to say, women are successfully accomplishing both, but it is important for all to recognize this unique Fact[her] when developing legislative policies and promoting our values as a Party.

Women Heads of Household

Whether by choice or necessity, a significant number of women are head of their household. Understanding this Female Fact[her], can aid in the way legislators, companies and society communicates and addresses the needs of these women.

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Action CentHER

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