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Female Fact[her]

The Female Fact[her]: is the direct influence women have on our society, our economy, and our political landscape. These fact[hers] make up the DNA of Texas women.

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Economic Influences

Women represent 47% of the national workforce.

Women’s Purchasing Power

From shopping for ourselves to making decisions for our household, our purchasing power has significant impact on our society’s economic performance. Without a woman’s perspective in the boardroom, many companies will fail to attract the most influential consumer - females.

Women in the Workplace

Women play a vital role in today’s business world. Without a diverse workforce, companies will miss the mark when it comes to attracting consumers. Women have a unique consumer perspective that creates innovative marketing approaches, cutting edge products and remarkable organization that keeps businesses on track for success.

Working Women

Numbers don’t lie. Companies that recognize women’s business instinct and smarts prosper over those companies that choose not to diversify.

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